Good Bye Melbourne

This post was supposed to be published at the time I left Melbourne, the city where I spent almost 1.5 years of my life lately. I started to write it in the plane that took me home, 31 December 2015. After so many unexpected things came soon after arriving home, I finally have a chance to write my good bye to one of the most liveable city in the world ….

The plane that took me home that day might become silent witness about how I felt when leaving one of the greatest moment in my life behind, to start a new yet old one. Even though one of my classmate took me to the Airport, I can say that, at the time I left that city alone, by myself, the way that I could enjoy every last memories I had with this city. In fact, I spent most of my time alone to enjoy every moment, not only when looking around Tullamarine Airport, but also few days back before that day. Wandered around Swanson Street, watched beautiful performance of Melbourne Buskers in Bourke Street, Took city circle tram around, and Visited Melbourne Harbour. I was thinking that not long after leaving, I surely will miss this city …

I will miss killing time by walking around in the city area, and enjoying buskers

I will miss sitting in the grass in front of state library just to enjoy warm sunshine

I will miss spending my time visiting my favourite shopping venue : COLES, where I did grab vegetables and fruits 🙂

I will miss my campus life, nice study spot in Law Building, silent area of Giblin Library, study gossiping spot of GSA Building, even delicious coffee around campus.

And eventually, I will miss my quality life and myself while being there.


Thank you Melbourne, for giving me such a beautiful memories and sparing me the greatest moment of my life ….

I do hope that I will have a chance to spend more time with you in the future ….



Happy Birthday, Mom …

From southern part of the world, to the best person I’ve ever known for my entire life

Please allow me to greet you

“Happy Birthday 60th My Dearest Mom”


It’s not the first time I cannot be with you to celebrate your birthday yet this is the first time I’m not sad for not being there. Because today, we’re thousand kms apart but you’re in the Holy Land of Mecca, fulfilling your lifetime dream as a Moslem. The one that I may regret is because I cant join you there. But, to see you how happy you are for being there .. that’s enough for me for now, coz no words can express my gratitude since Allah gives you the greatest gift in 60th year of your life …

Dear Allah,

I couldn’t thank more for sending me to her womb and let me to be her daughter … Coz being her daughter is the greatest gift You’ve ever given me in my life …

Dear Allah,

Please give me opportunity to bring happiness to her life, be a daughter that she’s proud of as well as fulfil her dream as a mother …

Please protect her wherever she is, keep her healthy, take away her pain, and give your bless for every journey she’ll walk into …

Aamiin Yaa Rabbal Alamiin

اَللّهُمَّ اغْفِرْلِيْ وَلِوَالِدَيَّ وَارْحَمْهُمَاكَمَارَبَّيَانِيْ صَغِيْرَ

Melbourne, 20 September 2015

Challenging Myself


Yesterday, one of my friend challenged me to do something that seems so easy to execute but in fact it is so difficult to accomplish.

Today, in my first day of challenge, I failed straight away …. 😦

It’s so hard to act based on your logic when your heart told you otherwise …

Let’s see tomorrow …

I do hope I can do better even thought deep inside I just have a feeling that I’ll face another failure …

Izinkan aku kembali berdoa


Telah berulang kali aku mencoba pergi. Memaksakan diri terbangun dari mimpi yang tak berkesudahan. Melepaskan diri dari asa yang tak kunjung terpuaskan …

Terkadang aku begitu percaya diri, meyakinkan diriku sendiri bahwa aku telah berhasil menutup rapat pintu pengharapan. Menyimpan semua pinta dan rasa di sudut hati yang tak kan pernah lagi kubuka …

Tapi ketika setitik cahaya itu datang, Aku tidak bisa mencegah diriku untuk kembali memupuk angan-angan. Menyirami kembali benih impian yang sempat layu karena kenyataan …

Ketika setitik embun mengiringi hadirnya mentari pagi, Aku tidak bisa menahan diri untuk tidak memupuk asa, bahwa gelapnya malam akan segera berganti dengan hari baru penuh dengan cahaya …

Maka izinkan kali ini aku kembali berdoa, agar Tuhan mengarahkan dua jalan ke satu titik pertemuan, untuk kemudian menyatukannya perjalanan kita di satu jalur yang sama …

Melbourne, 08 September 2015, 01.50 AM

Pic taken from here

A Promise From The Past

I’m in the middle of rearranging my blog when I found my posting from almost 6 years ago. The title is “Weekend @Jakarta”. I wrote that article after visiting my aunt who happened to go for Hajj at the time. A sentence from my post suddenly caught my attention:

Pa, Bu … I promise some day will be yours ….

I remember made a promise at the time. That day might be my aunt’s moment to visit Moslems’ Holy Land, but definitely someday, it will come my parents’ turn. That I believe what I said to myself.

And now, at the same time I write this posting, that promise has been fulfilled. Allah has given that opportunity. Six years after the promise was made, our family’s prayer is answered. My parents are in Hajj Trip, and currently spending their time in the Holy Land of Madina, the place from where our religion has started to spread around the world. The place whose citizen welcomed our prophet and gave him place to live ….

Ibu Apa Nabawi

I’m not the only one who contributes to their journey. But there’s no word can express how happy I am that that moment finally arrive.

Keep healthy Pa, Bu … May Allah bless this journey of yours by allowing you to complete every phase perfectly and bringing you back as Hajj Mabrur

Thank you for helping me fulfil my promise …

Love you always …

Another new experience: LINES(WO)MAN

I’ve fallen in love with Soccer since I was 9 years old. Not as player of course, just a regular spectator. At the time, my dad offered me to accompany him waking up in the midnight and watched world cup 1994. I barely remember why, but I just fell for Samba Team since group match, and they became the winner in the end. That’s how I like watching soccer for the first time.

Until now, 21 years since my first football ‘match’ experience, I came to another experience of soccer. Not a spectator -TV or Live Match- but as a linesman (or you may call it lineswoman :D).

No thing special actually, this is definitely not a big match, woman soccer ‘Division 4’ in Melbourne. May be not that special for some of you. But for me, this is amazing …

One of my friend who is part of the team, asked my help becoming referee assistant. I was confident coz I know much bout soccer rules and sometimes I noticed what linesman do in the field. So I took the offer.  

However, everything was not that simple. One day before the game, I realized that actually I had no idea about the detail duty of a linesman, even did not know what sign to be made, their proper act, position and so on. I just came to think, this idea was not that good, since I was afraid that I’ll make a mess to that game.

But everything was going really fine, especially when every body didn’t expect much from me 😀 … (hahaha .. kidding). The thing is, this new experience was really good. I might not be very good, but I just think I kinda like it and would love to do it in the future (not in a very professional match of course … :D, a low level yet still professional match would be OK :P).

Anw, this is me with linesman flag. So sad, I dont have any capture of me while doing my duty …


Life Update : One Duty Has Been Accomplished

Finally, I have a chance to update this blog after its temporary shutdown lately … Just came back from my hectic days of my final project in MBA ITB. Yeaah … today’s highlight is not Melbourne, the University of Melbourne or my life in that city …. During this summer break, I decided to come back home … finished something that I started 2.5 years ago … a MBA studies that should have been finished last October yet got delayed because another dream I pursue in Melbourne.

Throw back several years ago, had graduated from my bachelor degree with not very good result, I told myself, I would never join academic program in my future. It happened for several years till someday around 2012, some circumstances brought me to a new decision, I should register to ITB for MBA Studies. Probably, because I had not-so-good experience during my bachelor study, I decided to focus and gave my best effort. Not to mention, the tuition fee was quite expensive and I need to pay by myself 😀 …

The study had not finished yet, but then I joined the company program for studying aboard, sponsored by Telkom. Surprisingly I got chosen and passed the admission to the University of Melbourne, Australia. New problem then came through. How about my study at MBA ? Should I just give up and stopped. The story went well so that I can finish all classes but leave the final project. Good news was I can do it remotely.

However, it had never been easy to do the final project while there were many assignments from my class in unimelb. Other reason was just because it’s very hard to focus (and lazy as well :P). Therefore, till the end of semester in unimelb, I barely updated my final project. So that, a very hard job came during my summer break: How to finish this final project within 3 month of my holiday?

And Taraaa …..


Pic taken with mbak wulan n teh yenni, my MBA’s classmates and mbak salma, MBA academic staff who has been very helpful to us 🙂

In the end, it is hard to believe that I could make it this far. With support from my advisor, friends, family, the hard work has been paid. I could finish it faster than expected. And finally, 10 February 2015, I am officially Widya Wardani, MBA with the perfect CGPA, the achievement that I’ve never imagine before. It’s too good to be true … Even till two days after this big event, I still wake up with the question : is it dream or reality ? ( :D).

There’s no thing left to say but thank you for all support that has been given to me …. For all my classmates in Executive MBA 47, you had been great companion for this 2.5 years … not only I gained the knowledge, but also met a new and great family … special thanks for my officemate, andika .. you’re the one who made me sacrificing myself to this ‘candradimuka’ … The ‘sacrifice’ that I’ll never regretted ….

And now .. another duty is waiting … Let’s just finish the MIS one … and for this one, no option for not making it on time 🙂