Study Hard, Play Harder ^_^

Agaain … I failed to fulfill my target to write regularly in this so-called journal :(. You guys should forgive me for that, okey :D. I admit my college life start to get hectic recently … So many assignments and deadline in past few weeks … I even for the first time stayed overnight in that ‘hogwarts campus’ … I and my colleague hardly managed to finish our assignment on time at the time, so that we decided to stay till 6am in the morning,went back home for taking a bath and preparing our lunch box .. and holaa .. back to campus for next class … -___-” .. Thanks God the result is good, so the hardwork has been paid evenly ..

Forget about student life, I’m more interesting in sharing about my last two trip .. still in Victoria state tough yet quite far from melbourne

The first trip is to Tesselaar Tulip Festival. I had the journey with My MIS *) Indonesia friends. In Silvan Hills area, during spring, from mid sept to mid oct every year, there are Tulip Festival. Like the name, there are thousand tulips blossom beautifully, and the owner made this plantation as tourist attraction. Beside tulip, visitor also can find several event and many good spots that made us feel like being in Holland. There also some performances every weekend. When we were there, Turkey Cultural Performance took place. Unfortunately due to some reasons, we couldnt make time to watch the show at the time.

Tesselaar tulip is located near Mount Dandenong, around 1 hour by train from Melbourne City plus 20-30′ by settle bus, provided by Tesselaar..  More information about this event can be found in its official website:

Here are some captures I and my friend made during the trip ..


IMG_1676 IMG_1691 IMG_1716 IMG_1734 IMG_1754(2)


Nice isn’t it ?

The second trip was yesterday (Sept 28). I and my Telkom’s mate along with some new Indonesian friends from Monash Univ went to Old Gold Mine of Victoria owned by England Government in 1800s and stopped producing in 1911 (cmiiw …). It is located in Ballarat area, Sovereign Hill in particular. This place is around 100km from Melbourne. We took a V-Line Train to this area and we spent 1,5 hours to arrive in the Ballarat Station. Arriving in Ballarat Station, we noticed that some building look old yet no thing particularly special because these old building can be found in the city as well. Buutttt ….. The time we enter Sovereign hill, the atmosphere changed dramatically. We were brought into ‘real’ England Mining area back in 1800s. The building, how the people get dress, even the public area are that old. Check some pics below:


 a man doing iron forging


 Old Style Tower


The gate toward gold mining




old building


even the horse also bigger than recent horse


the old bank .. do you notice “australasia” instead of australia ?


Old bakery


Bank counter


old hotel

This place doesn’t only show the old surroundings in Victoria, but also provides some events like Gold Mining Tour, Army Parade, Theater and Demonstrate how people produce a gold. One of the employee even showed us how to make 3 kg Gold … It is worth around 1.5 Billion Rupiahs nowadays ^_^. So sad I couldn’t take some picture of it.

And below are my moments with my friends in Ballarat, credit to me, mas wawan and Arfian …












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