A Promise From The Past

I’m in the middle of rearranging my blog when I found my posting from almost 6 years ago. The title is “Weekend @Jakarta”. I wrote that article after visiting my aunt who happened to go for Hajj at the time. A sentence from my post suddenly caught my attention:

Pa, Bu … I promise some day will be yours ….

I remember made a promise at the time. That day might be my aunt’s moment to visit Moslems’ Holy Land, but definitely someday, it will come my parents’ turn. That I believe what I said to myself.

And now, at the same time I write this posting, that promise has been fulfilled. Allah has given that opportunity. Six years after the promise was made, our family’s prayer is answered. My parents are in Hajj Trip, and currently spending their time in the Holy Land of Madina, the place from where our religion has started to spread around the world. The place whose citizen welcomed our prophet and gave him place to live ….

Ibu Apa Nabawi

I’m not the only one who contributes to their journey. But there’s no word can express how happy I am that that moment finally arrive.

Keep healthy Pa, Bu … May Allah bless this journey of yours by allowing you to complete every phase perfectly and bringing you back as Hajj Mabrur

Thank you for helping me fulfil my promise …

Love you always …

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