Good Bye Melbourne

This post was supposed to be published at the time I left Melbourne, the city where I spent almost 1.5 years of my life lately. I started to write it in the plane that took me home, 31 December 2015. After so many unexpected things came soon after arriving home, I finally have a chance to write my good bye to one of the most liveable city in the world ….

The plane that took me home that day might become silent witness about how I felt when leaving one of the greatest moment in my life behind, to start a new yet old one. Even though one of my classmate took me to the Airport, I can say that, at the time I left that city alone, by myself, the way that I could enjoy every last memories I had with this city. In fact, I spent most of my time alone to enjoy every moment, not only when looking around Tullamarine Airport, but also few days back before that day. Wandered around Swanson Street, watched beautiful performance of Melbourne Buskers in Bourke Street, Took city circle tram around, and Visited Melbourne Harbour. I was thinking that not long after leaving, I surely will miss this city …

I will miss killing time by walking around in the city area, and enjoying buskers

I will miss sitting in the grass in front of state library just to enjoy warm sunshine

I will miss spending my time visiting my favourite shopping venue : COLES, where I did grab vegetables and fruits 🙂

I will miss my campus life, nice study spot in Law Building, silent area of Giblin Library, study gossiping spot of GSA Building, even delicious coffee around campus.

And eventually, I will miss my quality life and myself while being there.


Thank you Melbourne, for giving me such a beautiful memories and sparing me the greatest moment of my life ….

I do hope that I will have a chance to spend more time with you in the future ….


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