Good Bye Melbourne

This post was supposed to be published at the time I left Melbourne, the city where I spent almost 1.5 years of my life lately. I started to write it in the plane that took me home, 31 December 2015. After so many unexpected things came soon after arriving home, I finally have a chance to write my good bye to one of the most liveable city in the world ….

The plane that took me home that day might become silent witness about how I felt when leaving one of the greatest moment in my life behind, to start a new yet old one. Even though one of my classmate took me to the Airport, I can say that, at the time I left that city alone, by myself, the way that I could enjoy every last memories I had with this city. In fact, I spent most of my time alone to enjoy every moment, not only when looking around Tullamarine Airport, but also few days back before that day. Wandered around Swanson Street, watched beautiful performance of Melbourne Buskers in Bourke Street, Took city circle tram around, and Visited Melbourne Harbour. I was thinking that not long after leaving, I surely will miss this city …

I will miss killing time by walking around in the city area, and enjoying buskers

I will miss sitting in the grass in front of state library just to enjoy warm sunshine

I will miss spending my time visiting my favourite shopping venue : COLES, where I did grab vegetables and fruits 🙂

I will miss my campus life, nice study spot in Law Building, silent area of Giblin Library, study gossiping spot of GSA Building, even delicious coffee around campus.

And eventually, I will miss my quality life and myself while being there.


Thank you Melbourne, for giving me such a beautiful memories and sparing me the greatest moment of my life ….

I do hope that I will have a chance to spend more time with you in the future ….


Another new experience: LINES(WO)MAN

I’ve fallen in love with Soccer since I was 9 years old. Not as player of course, just a regular spectator. At the time, my dad offered me to accompany him waking up in the midnight and watched world cup 1994. I barely remember why, but I just fell for Samba Team since group match, and they became the winner in the end. That’s how I like watching soccer for the first time.

Until now, 21 years since my first football ‘match’ experience, I came to another experience of soccer. Not a spectator -TV or Live Match- but as a linesman (or you may call it lineswoman :D).

No thing special actually, this is definitely not a big match, woman soccer ‘Division 4’ in Melbourne. May be not that special for some of you. But for me, this is amazing …

One of my friend who is part of the team, asked my help becoming referee assistant. I was confident coz I know much bout soccer rules and sometimes I noticed what linesman do in the field. So I took the offer.  

However, everything was not that simple. One day before the game, I realized that actually I had no idea about the detail duty of a linesman, even did not know what sign to be made, their proper act, position and so on. I just came to think, this idea was not that good, since I was afraid that I’ll make a mess to that game.

But everything was going really fine, especially when every body didn’t expect much from me 😀 … (hahaha .. kidding). The thing is, this new experience was really good. I might not be very good, but I just think I kinda like it and would love to do it in the future (not in a very professional match of course … :D, a low level yet still professional match would be OK :P).

Anw, this is me with linesman flag. So sad, I dont have any capture of me while doing my duty …


Study Hard, Play Harder ^_^

Agaain … I failed to fulfill my target to write regularly in this so-called journal :(. You guys should forgive me for that, okey :D. I admit my college life start to get hectic recently … So many assignments and deadline in past few weeks … I even for the first time stayed overnight in that ‘hogwarts campus’ … I and my colleague hardly managed to finish our assignment on time at the time, so that we decided to stay till 6am in the morning,went back home for taking a bath and preparing our lunch box .. and holaa .. back to campus for next class … -___-” .. Thanks God the result is good, so the hardwork has been paid evenly ..

Forget about student life, I’m more interesting in sharing about my last two trip .. still in Victoria state tough yet quite far from melbourne

The first trip is to Tesselaar Tulip Festival. I had the journey with My MIS *) Indonesia friends. In Silvan Hills area, during spring, from mid sept to mid oct every year, there are Tulip Festival. Like the name, there are thousand tulips blossom beautifully, and the owner made this plantation as tourist attraction. Beside tulip, visitor also can find several event and many good spots that made us feel like being in Holland. There also some performances every weekend. When we were there, Turkey Cultural Performance took place. Unfortunately due to some reasons, we couldnt make time to watch the show at the time.

Tesselaar tulip is located near Mount Dandenong, around 1 hour by train from Melbourne City plus 20-30′ by settle bus, provided by Tesselaar..  More information about this event can be found in its official website:

Here are some captures I and my friend made during the trip ..


IMG_1676 IMG_1691 IMG_1716 IMG_1734 IMG_1754(2)


Nice isn’t it ?

The second trip was yesterday (Sept 28). I and my Telkom’s mate along with some new Indonesian friends from Monash Univ went to Old Gold Mine of Victoria owned by England Government in 1800s and stopped producing in 1911 (cmiiw …). It is located in Ballarat area, Sovereign Hill in particular. This place is around 100km from Melbourne. We took a V-Line Train to this area and we spent 1,5 hours to arrive in the Ballarat Station. Arriving in Ballarat Station, we noticed that some building look old yet no thing particularly special because these old building can be found in the city as well. Buutttt ….. The time we enter Sovereign hill, the atmosphere changed dramatically. We were brought into ‘real’ England Mining area back in 1800s. The building, how the people get dress, even the public area are that old. Check some pics below:


 a man doing iron forging


 Old Style Tower


The gate toward gold mining




old building


even the horse also bigger than recent horse


the old bank .. do you notice “australasia” instead of australia ?


Old bakery


Bank counter


old hotel

This place doesn’t only show the old surroundings in Victoria, but also provides some events like Gold Mining Tour, Army Parade, Theater and Demonstrate how people produce a gold. One of the employee even showed us how to make 3 kg Gold … It is worth around 1.5 Billion Rupiahs nowadays ^_^. So sad I couldn’t take some picture of it.

And below are my moments with my friends in Ballarat, credit to me, mas wawan and Arfian …












Mie Rebus ala rumahan (no MSG needed)

Hi readers, I’m back with my promise to share some cooking recipe that I’ve tried in my little kitchen during my daily life in Melbourne. The first one will be “Mie Rebus”. As this recipe is Indonesian Recipe, I think I prefer to write it in Bahasa ^_^


Mie Rebus ala rumahan

Bahan Utama :

  • Tulang/Daging Sapi secukupnya, direbus untuk mendapatkan kaldu alami. Untuk mendapatkan kaldu, tulang iga will be the best choice, dikasi daging dikit akan lebih ok sekalian buat campuran mie.
  • Mie Telor atau jenis Mie apapun yang bisa jadi mie rebus. Di sini saya sendiri pakai bahan Chinese Noodle yang bentuknya mirip mie nya mie ayam kl di Indo. Untuk saya, saya prefer mie ini dibanding Mie Telor, karena lebih kenyal dan tidak gampang hancur.
  • Telur Ayam 1 butir,
  • Sayuran (kol, bokcoy) jika suka atau ditambahkan campuran lain spt bakso, jamur dsb
  • Bawang Daun diiris tipis
  • Seledri diiris tipis
  • Bawang Putih diiris atau digiling
  • Tomat
  • Cabe (cabe keriting atau cabe rawit diiris kurang lebih 0.5cm)
  • Bawang goreng

Bahan Rempah dan bumbu tambahan (yang berbentuk bubuk, masing-masing 1/2 sendok teh, kecuali garam)

  • Merica bubuk
  • Kapulaga
  • Cengkeh
  • Kulit Manis
  • Buah pala bubuk
  • Garam
  • Pekak / Bunga Lawang
  • Irisan jahe +/- 1 cm
  • Sedikit gula

Cara Membuat

  • Rebus daging / tulang sampai keluar kaldu
  • Rendam/rebus mie sampai sedikit lunak, tiriskan
  • Tumis bawang daun, bawang putih, irisan cabe sampai harum,
  • Masukkan sayuran dan campuran lain
  • Tuangkan air kaldu
  • Masukkan bahan rempah dan tunggu sampai mendidih
  • Masukkan tomat dan telur
  • Tunggu sebentar (maksimal 1 menit), masukkan mie, aduk sebentar dan matikan api.
  • Taburkan bawang goreng ketika dihidangkan

Selamat menikmati ….

Survival Mode On (Makan Murah di Benua Kangguru)

First of all, I wanna ‘break’ my plan by writing this post in Bahasa, not in English like I usually did lately …. ^_^

Setelah panjang lebar bercerita dengan english yang gitu-gitu aja tapi sangat ingin mengasah kemampuan menulis mahasiswa yang sedang gencar-gencarnya diberi tugas nulis ribuan kata oleh bapak/ibu dosen unimelb tercinta, kali ini gw pengen nulis pake bahasa Indo aja … Finger Crossed 😀

Satu hal yang mungkin masih luput gw ceritakan di posting-postingan sebelumnya adalah salah satu komponen termahal untuk hidup di melbourne adalah MAKAN. 1 kali makan standar ala mahasiswa di kampus, bisa dihargai AUD7 yang kalo diconvert ke indo bisa sekitar 70 rebuan lebih. Jenis apakah makanannya ? Warteg sodara-sodara  ! .. Makanan yang terkenal dengan murah meriah nya di Indo, yang range rasanya bisa macam-macam … mulai dari biasa aja, enak sampai enak banget. Naahhh yang murah meriah dan bisa cuma berharga 10rebuan itu 7 kali lipatnya lah di melbourne. Kalau mau makan ‘sedikit’ enak, dalam artian naik pangkat dari warteg ke ayam penyet, siap2 merogoh kocek lebih dalam (AUD 10 – 13). 130rebu makan ayam penyeett ??? di Indo udah dpt 10 porsi mamaaaa ….. 😥

Tapi dont worry … Mau hidup hemat di Melbourne jg gampang (hemat dalam artian murah ala melbourne yaa .. jangan dibandingin sama warteg ato ayam penyet lagi lho :D). Kunci pertama adalah : Carilah flat, apartment dan sejenisnya yang memiliki peralatan dapur yang komplit. Karena untuk hidup ‘hemat’ dan tentu saja bisa mendapat makanan yang Insya Allah halal paling gampang ya dengan memasak. Jangan khawatir bagi yang ga pernah punya pengalaman memasak  sebelumnya. Ada banyak bumbu instan siap pakai dan resep masakan yang berseliweran di dunia maya. Tinggal googling dan nemu dah resep masakan.

Lucky for me, sejak zaman berseragam putih biru, gw sudah cukup familiar dengan dapur dan segala proses masak memasak. Walaupun sampai SMA posisi gw lebh banyak sbg asisten ibu yang memang hampir selalu berkecimpung di dapur tiap harinya untuk memastikan kami semua di rumah dapat asupan gizi yang komplit. Pengalaman mandiri gw di dapur udah dimulai sejak jauh dr ortu dan kuliah di ITB. Walaupun ya gt deh … masak yang gampang dan murah … Untungnya lagi seiring berjalannya waktu, gw terkadang punya kesempatan praktek masak yang agak ribet dan kompleks pada saat mudik. Alhasil, walaupun ga jago-jago amat, gw cukup terbiasa dengan pekerjaan dapur yang satu ini. Couldn’t say anything but super thank you for my beloved mom untuk itu …. Beliau lah yang selama ini rajin meminta gw nemenin beliau di dapur … Kali ini, gw bener-bener nyadar, alasan dibalik itu semua sekarang -jadi mewek kangen ibu :’)

Masak-memasak di rumah ini pada akhirnya ternyata ngebantu banget pas nyampe melbourne, terutama karena gw sendiri emang ga terlalu suka dengan masakan yang berasal dr bumbu instan. Ibu gw di rumah selalu bikin masakan dari nol, dari bahan mentah sampai jadilah makanan yang bisa dimakan. Efeknya ya gt, gw ga terlalu suka dengan masakan hasil bumbu jadi yang bertebaran di supermarket. Jadilah gw butuh hunting-hunting bahan masakan jg di kota ini. Naah … melbourne punya Queen Victoria Market, pusatnya pasar tradisional yang letaknya cuma sekitar 300 m dari apartment gw. Tinggal jalan kaki 10 menit doank nyampe. Sama lah kayak gw jalan ke pasar pagi di Bukittinggi sono. I guess God helps me with this 🙂

Tinggal di apartment dengan peralatan masak komplit, lokasi apartment cum 10′ dari pasar tradisional nya melbourne dan 1 km dari supermarket yang jual bumbu indo …. komplitlah alasan gw buat kembali beraktivitas di dapur.

Anw, based on request dari beberapa orang … selain My Melbourne Life, gw mungkin jg akan sharing resep masakan ala coba-coba yang pernah gw masak selama berada di Melbourne. Smoga tugas gw ga bejibun2 amat sehingga blog ini akan terupdate dengan segala akivitas dan resep seperti yg gw sebutkan di postingan ini dan postingan terdahulu

Sekian dulu yaaa ….

Salam winter menjelang spring dari melbourne (efek ngeliat matahri dan prakiraan cuaca yang berkisar 16-18 derajat saja … xixixi)


Melbourne, 27 Agustus 2014

My First Month in Melbourne

One month has been passed since first time I arrived in this country. It was Saturday morning, 19 July 2014 my flight with Garuda Indonesia landed in Tullamarine Airport, international Airport of Melbourne. Using airport pick-up provided by The University of Melbourne, I reached my temporary accommodation in Brunswick Suburb, one of the most favorite area for Indonesian Student to live in as this area has many facilities comply with Moslems need. There are Halal Butcher, Halal Supermarket, Halal Restaurant (even some western restaurants in this area have halal certified). Brunswick is also easier to reach by Tram, one of the transportation means that is well-known around Melbourne as the area is also comfortable and like ‘traditional Australia’, not too crowded yet still close to the heart of the city. After 1 week living in temporary housing, I moved to apartment in the city area, which is very different compare to Brunswick. Melbourne CBD is surrounded by modern building and facilities like shopping center, office and bar. It makes this area like never sleep even in the middle of winter. The atmosphere is surely different compare to Brunswick. However, the ‘crowd’ of city for me is helpful sometimes. Twice a week, my class end at 8.30 pm and living in the city made me feeling more save to reach home. Although it doesn’t mean that Brunswick area is not save and city is better, but realizing that there’re still some activities around while going home is much better than feel so quiet area like Brunswick.

For newbie like me, living in Melbourne is very convenient regardless the cold weather that I need to deal with myself since I came from tropical country like Indonesia. You don’t need much time to understand how every thing is going in this city. Melbourne, like other city in developed country, has many public facilities that allow new comers to adjust easily with its situation. Here some useful information that may help new comers to understand Melbourne :

1. Public Transport and Myki Card

PTV_BRAND_POS_CMYKMelbourne has three means of public transportation that commonly used by its citizen. There are Tram, Train and Bus. They are provided as PTV (Public Transport Victoria). This transportation is very well-managed and well-scheduled also. We are able to know the schedule of departure, do the tracking even plan the journey. We can find out every detail of transportation using or using PTV app in our Mobile Phone.

For using thi051212-Mykis transportation, we need access using Myki Card. It costs AUD 6 to buy this card. We can get it in the Myki Counter in station or through convenience store like 7-eleven and other store with Myki Sign. To top up My Money or buy Myki Pass, beside 7-eleven, we can also using automatic Myki Machine that is provided in several Tram Stop or Station.  There are two kind of Myki Service : Myki Pass and Myki Money which can be used in those three. Myki Pass allowed us to pre-paid the service by paying  for particular time (7 days, 28 days or 365 days) while Myki Money is more like e-money which will be charged each time we get on those public transport. Even if Myki Money adopts charging system like e-money in other country, there is difference that need to understand. Myki money will only charge the passenger in two ways : 2 hours fare or one day fare. For the first charging, we need to pay for 2 hours trip, which means, we only need to pay once if we get on public transport within 2 hours. Our first touch on of the day will create a 2 hour fare product.  If we continue to travel after 2 hour fare expires, a daily cap applies.  There are two zone of transportation that will be charged in different fare. The detail of this Myki and Fares can be found in and

mykitouchingon2In every bus and tram, there are Myki Reader to touch on and touch off. Make sure that you do this process when you get on the public transportation (for train, this applies to enter the station). The touch on is necessary for all means while touch off is only for traveling by bus or tram in zone 2. Touch on means you touch the card while get into bus/tram, touch off means doing same while drop off bus/tram. In doing this procedure, I dont find any direct monitoring for every trip. However, there’are some PTV Officer who do the inspection in particular unexpected place (can be in tram stop or inside the tram or bus) who will check our latest Myki Activities. If they find u snot doing touch on/touch off, the fine will be applied. It will cost us AUD75 and AUD 215 (CMIIW).

2. Monitor Weather Forecast regularly

One thing that now becomes habit for me since I live in Melbourne is weather checking. Melbourne is well-known with its weather fluctuation. In same days, there may be possible to experience rapid changing of weather. I personally used weather app in my mobile so I can monitor this condition hourly. It is very helpful to guide me when I should go out (especially for leisure time) or just stay at home. Sometimes, the moderate temperature is ‘deceptive’. The temp is quite high yet the real feel will be much diffeyorent. It is because the cold wind can flow anytime. So seeing the sun shine very bright doesn’t guarantee us to become less cold because you also consider the wind as well.

3. Relatively cheap fruits and very expensive vegetables

In Indonesia, I barely found expensive vegetables. The expensive ones will not cost you more than Rp3.000 for spinach or Rp50.000 per kg for shallots. However, in Melbourne, this vegetables and its kinds will cost you much higher. Beans is approximately AUD8 per kg, while shallots can cost us AUD15 per kg. However, grapes is very cheap here. You only need to pay around maximum of AUD4 to get 1 kg of grapes, the price that you’ll never get in Indonesia for this kind of fruit. For buying these kind of products, there is place called Queen Victoria Market that is quite famous not only as a market but also as a tourism attraction. Lucky for me, this place is close to my apartment. it’s only 10 minutes walking.

4. Supermarket and Payment System

One thing that amazes me when first arrive in this city is how the people put their trust to each other. If you come to the Supermarket and bring some bags with you, you don’t need to go to bag care counter. You can bring your bag with you even that you just came from other supermarket and buying some stuffs that also being sold in that place. Most of them don’t do any checking even I believe they still put surveillance camera in some spots. After taking your stuff, there also self-service payment machine provided. Just come to that machine, scan the things that you just take, and pay it using card or cash. This is something what I feel has huge difference compare to any other country include Indonesia. In my opinion, to implement this kind of system, the provider must have high trust to the society. It’s true that there’s still possibilities for thief to steal something. However, if we talk about the system, I’m still very impressed with this system and culture.

5. Multicultural City

Melbourne is very multicultural city. That is one thing that help me for being comfortable to live in this city. When knowing that I will live in western country,to be honest, I felt anxious. As a Moslem I predicted it would not easy for me to become minority since for all of my life, I live in country with majority people is moslem. However, so far, I found it is easier than I expected. Coming to Melbourne, I don’t find a city with majority of western people. So many Chinese, Indian, Middle East People even Indonesian. With my style as Moslem woman with hijab, sometimes someone greet me with “Assalamualaikum, Sister” even we don’t know each other. I experienced that in the market with the seller, with bus driver even with stranger passing by. Somehow, it made me feeling safe and happy to be here. My identity as moslem woman unites me even with the people from somewhere I don’t know before.

6. Great and Friendly People

Since first time arrive in this city, I found that most of Melbourne Citizen (The western people live here) are very friendly. The immigration officer is gracious and even greet me with “Selamat Datang di Australia” (literally in Bahasa), the driver who pick up u very first time which is very helpful, the shop keeper and cash register in Supermarket who give their big smile in serving us and always say “How Are You Today ?”, and so many kind people around. Even one of my friend meet some stranger who offered him an umbrella while seeing my friend not bring one in the middle of rain.

So far I experience many interesting things that made me believe that it’s right to award this city as one of The Most Livable City in the World. I have found many good impressions since first time I got here. It is true that there’s no absolutely safe place in this world and I still need to aware and careful living in the foreign country like this. However, for good thing I have felt so far, I believe, I will consider 1.5 years in this city will be very meaningful and valuable for me …

Melbourne, 19 August 2014


Road to Melbourne – Visa and Departure Arrangement

In my previous post I’m talking about how I start my journey. As you read, it is mostly talking about admission process of My Graduate Studies. In this post, I would like to share about Visa Arrangement and Departure Preparation to Australia.

Since I go to Australia for continuing my master degree, I apply for Student Visa. Australia has several visa categories (or commonly called subclass) for student (subclass 570 – 576). For master by coursework, we use 573 subclass. I guess, each subclass has different process and treatment. Since 573 is for student visa and Australia happens to be a country which encourage student to come and study in this country so much, it seems that the process is quite simple unless you have particular issues that doesn’t meet Australian Policy.

Like processing my application, this Visa arrangement was also provided by Edlink as my education agency. I only had to submit few documents to Edlink, and they will process it to AVAC (Australia Visa Application Centre) include translating the document if necessary. During applying visa, one important activities is Medical Check Up. AVAC has appointed several panel doctor to do Medical Checkup based on Australian Government Requirement. I did mine in Mitra Kemayoran Hospital, Jakarta. Their system has been connected to AVAC so that we only have ourselves examined and all administration process would be done directly by the doctor. Premier Jatinegara and Premier Bintaro Hospital in Jakarta also provide some service. Information regarding panel doctor can be found through this link.

About one week after finishing my med-check, my visa was granted and I was notified by email. Australia has been adopted e-visa system so that it’s not necessary for us to come to Australian Embassy unless special condition say so. It makes the process become easier and simpler to handle since we don’t have to spend time to visit beside med-check process. Here is the capture of my visa which I had posted in previous post.


Unfortunately, I cant share you about my Visa Processing in detail. As mentioned earlier, all of my Visa Arrangement is made by Edlink, my education agent. I only submitted document and they handle the rest process. The payment also made directly by my company. If you want to know the detail process, the information in this website may be helpful : or (for Indonesian).

Departure preparation is another things that need to be dealt besides all the administrative process of entering foreign country. Knowing the policy of every country especially custom regulation in airport should be done before departure. As I went abroad, one thing that surely I was worrying about is dealing with food. As Indonesian Citizen who can’t stand not eating Indonesian taste, first thing I though about was bringing food to Aussie. Based on information from my fellows and Australian Embassy officer that I met before, Australian Custom has strict rules related to the food entering its country. Home cook food is not allowed like food made of plantation and animal as well. It makes the options of bringing food that is prepared by my mom become impossible. Fortunately, they can accept anything with factory packaging with clear brand and ingredients. The good part is, there’re some business that have Indonesian Food that meet their Aussie Custom requirement which happen to save my life like this one below (Yihaaa ^_^)


 Randang Padang Restu Mande, can be found in Jalan Katamso Bandung

Beside this one, I also brought some food like Sambal ABC and Indomie with me. Actually, you can find it easily in Melbourne. There’s a place called Lugina, an Asian Grocery that sell some Indonesian products which located in the city of Melbourne. However, I suggest you to bring some from Indonesia at least for preparation in early arrival. As you arrived in Tulamarine Airport or other Airport in Autralia, if you bring any kind of food, please follow the Declare Zone. According to information I got from fellow who works In Australian Embassy in Jakarta, this method will be saver since if you are caught bringing something that is prohibited, it costs you some amount of money as fine from Airport Authority.

Talking about departure, I took Garuda Indonesia direct flight from Jakarta to Melbourne. The good news about Garuda is, they have special discount for student as long as you ordered through Garuda office and show your Visa/CoE. You’ll not only get around 25% discount but also extra baggage with total of 40 kg (common ticket only get 25 kg). This direct flight usually flies from CGK to MEL on 22.45 PM and arrive in MEL around 8.00 AM in the morning. Other options available are indirect flight that will transit in Denpasar. For new student come to Melbourne, I order Airport Pickup Service (using TOGOTO) which is offered by The University of Melbourne. If I’m not mistaken, this free service also offered by other university in Melbourne to help their new student who first come to the country.

I think I come to the end of story regarding my Visa and Departure Arrangement. Sorry for delayed posting and some mistake in grammar or vocab. Still trying to do writing exercise through this English-Posting. Hopefully next time I can share you tips for newbie living in Melbourne and My Campus Life as well


Melbourne, August 11th 2014

My First ‘Real’ Snow Experience

Actually, when I knew that will stay in Melbourne, I’d never expected to meet snow. Since Australia is not the same as most of European Countries which experience snow in their winter, Melbourne as one of city in Australia, although its position is in the south part of this country, still commonly doesn’t experience snow in their heart of city. Back then, I was a little bit jealous when remembering that My sister who got training scholarship in Germany in 2008, had faced snow in the winter, while my chance is seems to be less possible.

Buuuttt …. Taraaa, it doesn’t happen as I expected (which surely much better :D).

In this Victoria state, there’s a place called Mt. Buller which is covered with snow in winter. Mount Buller itself is a town located in the Shire of Mansfield in the Alpine region of the Australian state of Victoria. The town is located approximately 208 kilometres (129 mi) east of Melbourne on the slopes of Mount Buller (source : Wikipedia). As it seems that Mt Buller is the only place that we can find snow in Victoria and its surroundings, this place is quite popular during winter. People who love ski or even only wanna have fun experience with snow, choose this place to spend their holiday. The detail information about the resort itself can be found online through, its official website.

Here are some capture from my camera in Mt Buller …

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First Eidul Fitr Out Of Hometown

According to my previous post, in this post I supposed to share about my visa and departure arrangement. However, since there’s Eidul Fitr event happened lately, I decided to post this experience first, later will be followed by visa topic, Insha Allah.

For 28 years of my life, I spent in my grand mother house, in the small village called Kamang, around 11 kms from Bukittinggi, small town where I was born and lived before move to Bandung. Althought in my last 11 years, I have lived in Bandung which is far from home, I always had time to go home and celebrated it with my big family. Back then, I promised my self that I would always spare time to go home especially in this special holiday wherever my life journey took me.  This year, in the year of 29, for the first time, I had to break my promise.

Like in Indonesia we have MUI, in Melbourne, There’s a council called Islamic Council of Victoria which is appointed to be the board who act as umara (Islamic leader) in this state. As announced by ICV in last week of Ramadhan, 1 Syawal would be celebrate on Monday, July 28th 2014. Alhamdulillah, some communities held Eidul Fitr prayer in several places in Melbourne which make easier for us to find the good place to do prayer. Indonesian Muslims Community of Victoria (IMCV) held this prayer in some places so that we had several choices. This was the announcement of Eidul Fitr Prayer among Indonesian Community :


I and my mate the decided to do it in the Brunswick Sport Stadium, one of the place that is facilitated by IMCV. Although in fact, bout 50 meters from our apartment, Middle east community also held Eidul Fitr prayer, since we wanted to feel Indonesian Atmosphere, we chose IMCV which also provide Indonesian Meal after prayer (Yihaaa \(^_^)/). we departed early in the morning (around 6 am) in the middle of winter in Melbourne which also combine with wind (Brrrr .. )  and took train from Southern Cross Station to Brunswick Station which is close to the Prayer Venue. Thanks God, the venue was indoor. I surely cannot imagine to join the Middle East Prayer near my apartment which was held outdoor :D.

In this event, we found that, indeed there are many Indonesian Muslims live in this city. Suddenly I felt at home with the conversation was in Bahasa, even the Eidul Fitri Khutbah was also held in same language :). Here are some captures of Eidul Fitr Day in Brunswick Stadium


Besides, I also take picture with Indonesia MIS Community (MIS stands for Master of Information System, my major in Unimelb) as followed



With the fanfare of Eidul Fitr Celebration in Melbourne, Thanks God, I still felt the great of Eidul Fitr. It is surely not the same as what I have done in last 28 years, but this new experience still brought much happiness and blessed in my life. Although I was far from home, this new family and life still spare me the great feeling to be there with them.


Melbourne, 1 August 2014


*The second photo was taken by me while the third one is taken by my friends camera using tripod.

How I Start This New Life

In 2013, my company had program to sponsor 90 employees to study abroad, consists of 80 for master degrees and the rest is for PhD/Doctoral studies. After passing some tests, Alhamdulillah, I became one of the employee that luckily have been appointed to join this program.

At first, I planned to study Management of Technology in National University of Singapore. I found the subject is interesting and suit me and my company needs for our future. This subject studies about how to develop IT Product along with its marketing, product development, finance, etc. However, after joining internal Bridging Program and University Introduction Session, I changed my mind and chose to apply for The University of Melbourne with Master of Information System Major.

The University of Melbourne has been known as one of the best university in Australia and member of Group of Eight, 8 top universities in this country. In QS World Rank, The University of Melbourne places rank 31th, 4 ranks under the best university in Australia -Australia National University- which make Unimelb is the 2nd best in Australia. The major campus is located in the heart city of Melbourne, in the area 0f Melbourne City Center called Parkville Area.

Master of Information System, itself, is major under the School of Information (Actually, I little bit confuse with this category, coz in fact, every invitation, session, and program mention that information system is under the School of Engineering). Based on the handbook, this major mostly learns about management of IT, bit different with Information Technology which talk about technical aspect of IT (the major reason why I choose IS instead of IT :D).

Anw, I dont want to talk the detail about my campus and my major in this post. I plan to save it later. My focus actually is sharing my process in applying to be a full time student in this campus.

Here are some steps that could be taken if you are interest in studying in Unimelb (These steps are the one that I took before, some details may be different from the other yet it is most common step that everybody taken): Continue reading