Challenging Myself


Yesterday, one of my friend challenged me to do something that seems so easy to execute but in fact it is so difficult to accomplish.

Today, in my first day of challenge, I failed straight away …. 😦

It’s so hard to act based on your logic when your heart told you otherwise …

Let’s see tomorrow …

I do hope I can do better even thought deep inside I just have a feeling that I’ll face another failure …

Be Thankful ….

I’m here again ….
Everything remains the same …
No improvement at all …
still stick with this stress feeling ….

But you know …
One thing that I’ve just realized …
whatever God plans, it is definitely because He loves me …

Imagine when you suppose to be ‘down’ or ‘sad’
after receiving some unexpected news,
but you even don’t have time to think about it,
since there’s so many things you need to handle ….

You don’t even need to force yourself to deal with such this bad news …
coz Allah helps you find the way even before you ask him for ….

“Then which of the Favors of your Lord will you deny ?”
“Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manalagi yang kamu dustakan”
[Q.S Ar Rahman]

The Dynamic Thinker

Iseng-iseng ikutan test personality via and here’s my result .. Pas atau ga … silakan dinilai sendiri 🙂

Dynamic Thinkers like you are confident and independent persons. You radiate enthusiasm and energy. You pursue your objectives actively and energetically. You love nothing better than new challenges. Your are the born leader, competent, energetic and responsible. Dynamic Thinkers have a sharp eye for errors and can criticise without mercy if they see the success of a project endangered. You are completely unconcerned as to whether you alienate anyone in the process. But you are always open to objective arguments; you love discussions, you are very gifted rhetorically and you are good at convincing and enthusing others.

As they are very sociable, Dynamic Thinkers like to have a lot of friends around them, preferably those with whom they can share their interests and discuss all sorts of subjects. You are very direct but never in an underhand or scheming manner. If people can bear being spoken to frankly, they have in you a loyal and unwavering advisor as friend. Everything new and unknown stimulates you and awakens your curiosity.However, rules, routine and traditional things arouse your resistance. If something does not go the way you want it to, you can react rather pigheadedly and obstinately.

Some of history’s most famous military leaders were not just coincidentally Dynamic Thinkers. Leadership is simply in your blood.You are self confident, energetic and determined to reach your goals and if it is up to you, there won’t be any shilly-shallying. You are equally important in your work efficiency and effectiveness. Strategic planning, long term considerations, creative problem solving, and absolutely exact case analyses are some of your strongest points. The quotation “I came, I saw and was victorious” (Caesar) could also be written on your flag.You comprehend even very complex situations quickly and completely, and immediately issue comprehensive instructions on how they must be dealt with.

The extroverted part of your personality provides you with excellent communication capabilities plus a certain charisma, making it easy for you to engage other people in your objectives. With all that, your visions are not limited to the existing and the contemporary, but frequently extend far into the future. For your professional satisfaction you need these objectives like you need air for breathing. You especially enjoy intellectual challenges and don’t care for victories too easily achieved. Since you belong to the extroverted Thinker types, working in a solitary environment is not for you. In order to be happy, you need to be in the company of people, with new excitement and tasks plus a little action. Although this frequently provides for a great output the human (all too human) needs of your colleagues could easily end up being ignored. As an intuitive Thinker type, you are always focused on the objective of your task and the welfare of the company.

The absence of competency or a challenged intellectual aptitude quickly causes you to get impatient. Frequently, this is the case when people with your type have achieved leadership positions without being aware of it. One of your favorite expressions is probably: “Leave it alone, I’ll take care of that.” Dynamic Thinkers simply shove everybody aside who in their opinion don’t perform and to their surprise find themselves heading the organization.

Di Klinik siang ini ….

Saya : Dok, mau bikin surat keterangan sehat

Dokter : Sedang dalam keadaan sakit ?

Saya : Ga dok (padahal iya)

Dokter : kok tensinya rendah ya ? (sambil cek tensi)

Saya : Semalam begadang dok (nyari alesan doank)

Dokter : Tapi kyknya badannya demam nih

Saya : Baru habis panas-panasan doank dok. (ngasal)

Dokter : mmm mmm …. badannya kerasa ga sehat ga ?

Saya : Ga kok dok .. sehat-sehat aja …. (boong lagi)

Dokter : (manggut-manggut, dengan ragu tanda tangan surat keterangan sehat)

Begitulah pembicaraan saya siang ini di klinik. Niatnya mau minta surat keterangan sehat, tapi malah kadung sakit. Jadilah percakapan boong-boongan sama dokter. Gpp lah ya .. boong demi kebaikan … Maap ya bu dokter … 😀

March oh March ….

Welcoming March …. Welcoming a hectic month ….

Hectic … gw artiin di sini bulan yang padat … Ada banyak kerjaan yang tiba2 saja berdatangan di depan mata gw. Karena because ini akhir triwulan, seperti biasa bulan ini bakalan banyak target yang mesti dikejar. Parahnya ini awal tahun, which means, target triwulannya baru clear di awal bulan ini dan mesti dikejar sampai akhir bulan yang sama (bad system, rite ? bukan lo aja yg pada protes, gw jugaaaa).

Buuutttt … honestly bukan padat dalam artian yang di atas aja yg gw maksud. Di bulan ini gw punya 2 planning liburan yang bakalan ditutup dg melepas lelah bareng keluarga tercinta di my lovely howetown, Bukittinggi. Sound’s great ritee 😀

Soo, dengan planning yang seabrek-abrek, waktu buat beresin banyak hal jadi mepet banget. Tp tak pa pa lah .. demi liburaannn …. demi Tidung … demi bali … dan demi Bukittinggi (Yippiiieee ….\(^_^)/ ) …..

Anw, I’ll share my vacation’s story later ….




I’m back …

Lama tak jumpa, ‘rumah’ku sayang …. Pergi selama 3 bulan walaupun sekali-sekali berstatus hanya lewat.

Honestly, gw kangen cerita banyak di sini. Nulis-nulis ga penting. Kejadian bodoh yang gw alami. Perasaan gw yang lagi sok-sok galau atau lagi sok-sok serius dan segala ke-gak pentingan lainnya

Buuuttt, tanpa disadari … gw mulai memilah-milah mana yang sebaiknya ditulis di sini atau ngga. Being in my age …. kadang bikin gw jadi mikir lama baru nulis. Udah mulai cerita macam-macam … tiba2 ngerasa ga pas aja buat dipublish. Sok-sok bimbang n mikir, pas ga ya klo gw publish nih tulisan, atau pantas ga si seumuran gw nulis kyk gini … Alhasil, publishnya batal … bahkan kadang langsung delete tanpa ampun …. Sedangkan dulu, mau cerita apapun, mau nulis seenaknya, gw ga pernah mikir, apa tulisan ini ‘layak’ atau ‘boleh’ dibaca banyak orang.

Aargghhh …. That’s human … Manusia oh manusia …. Udah tau klo hal yang paling ga bisa digapai adalah masa lalu … tp kenapa ya gw kangen banget ama gw yang dulu .. ama lingkungan yang dulu .. ama kebiasaan gw yang dulu … ama kebebasan gw yang dulu … ama masa-masa kuliah … ama masa-masa sekolah ….

Yeah … I miss the old me, I miss my old friend, and especially I miss you ….

Live from Penang

Finallyyyy …..

Here I am … Temporary walking away from all these hectic stuff ….. Many things come around … and I need to take a break .. spend time for me myself …

Since my sista is in Penang for her Master Program, I decided to disappear for a while from business things and … visiting my sista sounds great, rite ?

As I decided not to bring my laptop and my sista’s is a macbook that couldn’t connect well to My Office’s intranet and then BB Service is so expensive when roaming, so I have a good reason not to do any business task till Sunday …

So … Let’s have some fun and enjoy this trip … 🙂

PS : so sorry my Boss … I can fulfill your order via business memo. It’s a vacation … No matter what, any business call will be ignored 😀

2010 in review

Ngecek email, ternyata ada kiriman dari si WordPress …. Katanya siy statistik blog ini selama 2010 .. Here you go ….

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 28 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 195 posts. There were 30 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 5mb. That’s about 3 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was November 16th with 317 views. The most popular post that day was Selamat Idul Adha Semuaaaa.

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The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for idul adha, pensil, tembok, lirik lagu waiting for your love, and hafalan shalat delisa.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Selamat Idul Adha Semuaaaa November 2009
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Waiting For Your Love (By Stevie B) July 2007


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Mendobrak Tembok January 2010


Sebatang pensil, sebuah hadiah bermakna … April 2010

New Year 2011 ….

So it comes A New Year 2011 …

Sementara ada banyak di luar sana yang bikin resolusi, bagaimana dengan saya ?

Saya tidak eh lebih tepatnya belum punya resolusi .. (nah lho ???)

Ah … saya bukan orang yang terbiasa buat resolusi atau target di awal Tahun. Terlihat tidak terencana atau lebih buruk lagi No Passion ? Entahlah … sepertinya tidak juga … (Bela diri 😀 )

Mungkin sederhananya bagi saya tahun baru tidak lebih dari pergantian kalender …. No thing special at all ….

Atau Anggap saja bagi saya, Tahun baru saya adalah ketika pergantian umur saya … Toh di 1 Januari, tidak ada hitungan yang menggenapkan umur saya … Makanya saya lebih suka merayakan ‘Tahun Baru Saya’ dan membuat resolusi saya ketika memang umur saya tergenapkan di tanggal 23 bulan kedua setiap tahunnya …

ah .. coretan ga penting .. selamat tahun baru sajalah bagi yang merayakannya ..

Kreasi akhir minggu …

Akhir-akhir ini gw cenderung lebih suka menghabiskan waktu di rumah … Klo ga pergi bareng adek gw, stay at home in d wiken adalah pilihan gw.

Seperti wiken ini .. gw bener-bener memilih untuk ga keluar rumah (kecuali pergi bentar ke kantor karena dengan bodohnya gw meninggalkan HP & dompet di kantor, jumat kemaren). Karena bosan tanpa aktivitas, gw memutuskan untuk bikin sesuatu untuk cemilan (dan tentu saja bikin program diet gagal total 😦 ) …

Dan tarrraaaa ………… Here we go …

Tahu isi bihun ala gw ….

Dan, Believe it or not … Tahu isi gw jauh lebih enak dari yang dijual kebanyakan orang di luar sana …..

Mari makan dan lupakan diet 🙂

Anyway, setelah lontong sayur, soto padang, roti bakar dan sekarang tahu isi …. Gw ngerasa makin ‘siap’ nih 😀