Happy Birthday, Mom …

From southern part of the world, to the best person I’ve ever known for my entire life

Please allow me to greet you

“Happy Birthday 60th My Dearest Mom”


It’s not the first time I cannot be with you to celebrate your birthday yet this is the first time I’m not sad for not being there. Because today, we’re thousand kms apart but you’re in the Holy Land of Mecca, fulfilling your lifetime dream as a Moslem. The one that I may regret is because I cant join you there. But, to see you how happy you are for being there .. that’s enough for me for now, coz no words can express my gratitude since Allah gives you the greatest gift in 60th year of your life …

Dear Allah,

I couldn’t thank more for sending me to her womb and let me to be her daughter … Coz being her daughter is the greatest gift You’ve ever given me in my life …

Dear Allah,

Please give me opportunity to bring happiness to her life, be a daughter that she’s proud of as well as fulfil her dream as a mother …

Please protect her wherever she is, keep her healthy, take away her pain, and give your bless for every journey she’ll walk into …

Aamiin Yaa Rabbal Alamiin

اَللّهُمَّ اغْفِرْلِيْ وَلِوَالِدَيَّ وَارْحَمْهُمَاكَمَارَبَّيَانِيْ صَغِيْرَ

Melbourne, 20 September 2015

The 28th year of My Life


Every year has its own journey

None of them I’ve passed without Your bless
Thanks Allah for my another year

Actually, this post should be posted yeserday, in the first day of my 28th years based on Mashehi Calender. However, I had a little busy day with college stuff and ended my day with sleep earlier, so that this posting is postponed till this morning.

My another year is coming. Yesterday, Saturday – February 23, 2013, God gave me the 28th year of my life. For every journey I’ve passed and every bless I’ve been given, I couldn’t thank more.

After last few years, yeserday was kinda bit different for me. I celebrated it with my new status as part time employee-full time student (mmmm … I guess I like this more than full time employee and part time student .. Xixixixi 😀 ). I’m proud of this new status. Not because it brings me to the higher level of my education (and Insya Allah someday, I got my master degree), yet I think I’ve taken ‘big’ decision (please don’t call me over to call it ‘big’ … taking this kind of decision actually need a hard first step for me 😀 ). After 4,5 years of my office life, finally I’ve done something new. Believe me, the feeling is absolutely different.

My 27th life was awesome. I celebrated the day with my office mate in seafood restaurant near our office. They gave Tango Wafer with candle as my birthday cake – the simplest bday cake ever 😀 – but it was cool. During that year, I did many things that I’d never expected before. I’d my own journey to Hong Kong for the first time and was having a presentation in front of natives, also my first time to Bali with my semi-backpacker team – my beloved sista and my very best friend whose name are same : RINA 🙂 .  In the office, I got my mutation from Learning Center to HR Information System which is good. As my told before, 27th year was also the time for me to take my big step, registered to post-graduated school that I often avoided before. There were so many thing that God gave me during my 27th life that I couldn’t mention one by one, but the point is God has given me many things. Alhamdulillah …

Although my 27th year was great, I feel so many things need to be improved, especially inside me myself. I still have many bad habits that must be changed. I also have some achievement that I need to make. I guess this time is the right time to make my new life resolution (I didn’t make it in new year 😀 ). Improving my self, reducing my bad habit (close to the level of zero I hope .. Ameen ), do the best for my study (hopefully I can get another achievement next term), and last but the most : fulfilling my parents dream …  🙂 (Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn) :).

This 28th bday was great too. it was seafood again with different place and different mate. Last year was with my office mate, this year is with my collegemate 🙂 . Thanks for all my families and friends who sent me prayers and wishes by Telephone, BBM, facebook, email, twitter, whatsapp  and of course who said it directly. Hopefully these prayers is ‘di-ijabah’ by Allah and the success and happy always be with you too. Special thanks for my very very best friend who shared note titled  Sejuta Cinta : Edisi Nostalgia in my special day. You succesfsful made me cry, sist :’)

ps. sorry for any wrong grammar, vocab or anythings in this posting. Look like improving my english also will be a resolution for me 😀

Titiran, Febryary 24 2013, the second day of my 28th life.

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