Another new experience: LINES(WO)MAN

I’ve fallen in love with Soccer since I was 9 years old. Not as player of course, just a regular spectator. At the time, my dad offered me to accompany him waking up in the midnight and watched world cup 1994. I barely remember why, but I just fell for Samba Team since group match, and they became the winner in the end. That’s how I like watching soccer for the first time.

Until now, 21 years since my first football ‘match’ experience, I came to another experience of soccer. Not a spectator -TV or Live Match- but as a linesman (or you may call it lineswoman :D).

No thing special actually, this is definitely not a big match, woman soccer ‘Division 4’ in Melbourne. May be not that special for some of you. But for me, this is amazing …

One of my friend who is part of the team, asked my help becoming referee assistant. I was confident coz I know much bout soccer rules and sometimes I noticed what linesman do in the field. So I took the offer.  

However, everything was not that simple. One day before the game, I realized that actually I had no idea about the detail duty of a linesman, even did not know what sign to be made, their proper act, position and so on. I just came to think, this idea was not that good, since I was afraid that I’ll make a mess to that game.

But everything was going really fine, especially when every body didn’t expect much from me 😀 … (hahaha .. kidding). The thing is, this new experience was really good. I might not be very good, but I just think I kinda like it and would love to do it in the future (not in a very professional match of course … :D, a low level yet still professional match would be OK :P).

Anw, this is me with linesman flag. So sad, I dont have any capture of me while doing my duty …