Life Update : One Duty Has Been Accomplished

Finally, I have a chance to update this blog after its temporary shutdown lately … Just came back from my hectic days of my final project in MBA ITB. Yeaah … today’s highlight is not Melbourne, the University of Melbourne or my life in that city …. During this summer break, I decided to come back home … finished something that I started 2.5 years ago … a MBA studies that should have been finished last October yet got delayed because another dream I pursue in Melbourne.

Throw back several years ago, had graduated from my bachelor degree with not very good result, I told myself, I would never join academic program in my future. It happened for several years till someday around 2012, some circumstances brought me to a new decision, I should register to ITB for MBA Studies. Probably, because I had not-so-good experience during my bachelor study, I decided to focus and gave my best effort. Not to mention, the tuition fee was quite expensive and I need to pay by myself 😀 …

The study had not finished yet, but then I joined the company program for studying aboard, sponsored by Telkom. Surprisingly I got chosen and passed the admission to the University of Melbourne, Australia. New problem then came through. How about my study at MBA ? Should I just give up and stopped. The story went well so that I can finish all classes but leave the final project. Good news was I can do it remotely.

However, it had never been easy to do the final project while there were many assignments from my class in unimelb. Other reason was just because it’s very hard to focus (and lazy as well :P). Therefore, till the end of semester in unimelb, I barely updated my final project. So that, a very hard job came during my summer break: How to finish this final project within 3 month of my holiday?

And Taraaa …..


Pic taken with mbak wulan n teh yenni, my MBA’s classmates and mbak salma, MBA academic staff who has been very helpful to us 🙂

In the end, it is hard to believe that I could make it this far. With support from my advisor, friends, family, the hard work has been paid. I could finish it faster than expected. And finally, 10 February 2015, I am officially Widya Wardani, MBA with the perfect CGPA, the achievement that I’ve never imagine before. It’s too good to be true … Even till two days after this big event, I still wake up with the question : is it dream or reality ? ( :D).

There’s no thing left to say but thank you for all support that has been given to me …. For all my classmates in Executive MBA 47, you had been great companion for this 2.5 years … not only I gained the knowledge, but also met a new and great family … special thanks for my officemate, andika .. you’re the one who made me sacrificing myself to this ‘candradimuka’ … The ‘sacrifice’ that I’ll never regretted ….

And now .. another duty is waiting … Let’s just finish the MIS one … and for this one, no option for not making it on time 🙂

Berpikir dengan cara ‘sosial’

Seperti yang pernah gw share sebelumnya di postingan Back to College, sejak Agustus 2012, gw resmi menyandang status mahasiswa. Instead of staying in my previous stream, gw pindah stream ke Bisnis & Manajemen yang menurut gw lebih dibutuhkan saat ini dibanding memperdalam ilmu gw di Informatika layaknya background gw waktu S1.

Masuk ke lingkungan ‘sosial’, ternyata ada banyak ‘kejutan-kejutan’ yang gw temui di kelas. Berpikir secara ‘teknik’ dan ‘sosial’ ternyata adalah hal yang  jauh berbeda. Berdasarkan pengamatan gw, kebanyakan orang teknik cenderung deep thinker dan kebanyakan timbang sana timbang sini ketika bertindak termasuk mengajukan pendapat, sementara teman-teman sosial punya kecenderungan untuk relatif lebih spontan dalam berpendapat. Benar atau salah, barangkali soal kedua. Yang penting mereka bisa mengeluarkan ide dan pemikirannya (soal hipotesa ini mungkin ga sepenuhnya benar … full dr analisa sotoy gw lah :D).

Dan gw yang punya background ‘teknik’, sejak masuk ke lingkungan MBA (walaupun di gajah duduk sekalipun) termasuk orang yang harus putar haluan. Kalau pada awalnya gw termasuk orang yg kebanyakan mikir, ga usah ngacung klo ga perlu ngomong, cenderung bikin presentasi ringkas dan tepat sasaran, masuk ke lingkungan perkuliahan sosial, harus belajar untuk lebih spontan dan berani untuk mengajukan pendapat.

Ga ada yang salah memang dari cara berpikir dan bertindak dari 2 background yang berbeda ini. Problemnya adalah, gimana kita yang lintas background bisa dengan cepat untuk nyambung dengan stream baru yang dimasuki. Bertahan dengan cara berpikir yang sudah kadung nancep di kepala, atau justru bertransformasi supaya ga ketinggalan dengan lingkungan. Dan gw sedang mencoba memilih yang kedua … Sukses atau tidak wallahu alam … I just tried my best …

Anyway, ngomong-ngomong soal kuliah sosial, semester ini gw kebagian 2 mata kuliah yang full ‘sosial’ : People in Organization dan Marketing Management plus satu mata kuliah yang pake hitung-hitungan ala Teknik Industri, called Operation Management. Dan ajaibnya, kenapa kepala gw lebih cepet nangkep 2 mata kuliah lain dibandingkan mata kuliah manajemen berbau teknik yang satu ini :(. Apa ini indikasi sy sudah benar-benar pindah stream (abaikan … obrolan ngaco :D)