WeekEnd @Jakarta

Last week on October, I spent my weekend @my aunt’s house in Kampung Melayu Jakarta. My Aunt –Insya Allah– will go to Saudi Arabia for doing the 5th ‘Rukun Islam’ -Haji-.

As Indonesian Habit (mm … specially my hometown exactly), people who want going Hajj Candidate will hold ‘Mando’a‘ (or you can named id kind of ‘pengajian’). At this event, His/her relative do pray for him/her so that he/she may do this religious event well. That’s event also held to facilitate Hajj Candidate asking forgiveness to his/her relatives so that their Hajj will perfect.

There’s no thing extraordinary in this last sunday event. I often follow such same event before. But why do this tears coming off when I shake my aunt’s hand ? Coz when I shake her hand, I was asking her to pray in front of Ka’bah so that My Parents can follow her, completing their religious duties -Rukun Islam-.

Pa, Bu … I promise some day will be yours ….
Ya Allah … please allow us.


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